May 3, 2009

Living in voice-over

Ma gandeam ieri dimineata cu voce tare ca daca as scrie un film, pe langa faptul ca ar fi, ca si pozele mele, auto-biografic, l-as face in voice-over...

"...and God help you if you use voice-over in your work, my friends. God help you. That's flaccid, sloppy writing. Any idiot can write a voice-over narration to explain the thoughts of a character."
(tocmai ma uitam la Adaptation)

Si din cauza asta, azi dimineata, la cuvintele ...the touching story of a man-child, told through flash-backs with thick New Orleans voice-over, m-a bufnit rasul. Adevarul e ca a fost dragut Benjamin, Benjamin Button, dar va ramane eclipsat de Forrest, Forrest Gump in memoria colectiva.


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